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Food and Nutrition Support

Looking to get to a better place with food and your body?
Working with Carly one on one can help you.

Reclaim Peace

Stop the up, down, round and round, yo-yo diet cycle. Learn how to come to a more peaceful place with food and your body.

Recover from Dieting

Diet culture has made a mess, for many of us, and it can take time and the right guidance to unlearn and relearn ‘not dieting’

Regain Trust

Your body is your home. Get back to connecting, listening and responding to your body when it comes to food and movement.

Improve Your Life

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Eating Disorders

Healing from an eating disorder is tough. The right dietitian can be an important and helpful part of your recovery journey.

Intuitive Eating

Do you feel frustrated by the number of diets you’ve tried and the tangle you have ended up in? Carly can support you in unpacking the pickle.

Weight Inclusive Care

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We have permission to focus on health goals, not weight and shape goals.

You may be thinking…

How the hell did I get here?
Why can’t I just eat “properly”?
I’m so annoyed with myself!
I’m the only one that struggles with this!

The journey with our body and food can be complicated. At this moment in time, we know it’s becoming more common to have food and body image concerns and “problems”

You are not alone, you are not the “only one”, however it may feel like that, because it’s tough stuff to talk about.

My name is Carly Taylor, I practice a weight inclusive approach as a Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counsellor.

The work we can do together will support your path to a more positive relationship with food and your body.

I’m here to help you understand how we get ourselves into such a fix. And how to leave that dilemma behind for a better place when it comes to food and your body.