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Have you been told the only way to better health is through weight loss?
Can you manage health without focusing on the scales?
Have you heard of the Non-Diet approach?

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. And, we have permission to focus on health, not weight and shape.

You may have been told over and over again that the only way to better health is through losing weight. Then, once the diet fails, it feels pretty shitty! Shitty to feel like you can’t have better health, and it’s your fault. Well, research tells us, it’s not your fault. It’s the diet. So is there another way to look after yourself?

The answer is YES! You can look after yourself physically and mentally, without focusing on the scales. It’s understanding that we can treat our bodies well, and we have the right to quality healthcare, in whatever size or shape your body is right now.

Health is influenced by many things, some are out of our control. Some are within our reach, like food and movement – but have often been tied to the goal of weight loss. With The Health At Every Size® lens, we look at how these things can improve our current state of wellbeing in a way that enhances our lives, not as part of some rule book that has to be followed “or else”.

If you have a chronic disease, illness, or condition and you would like nutrition support without a focus on weight loss, we can work together.

Carly Taylor Nutrition Inclusive Eative