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Nutrition Sessions

One on one support for your nutrition, eating, and body image concerns.

Nutrition appointments in Ballarat, or anywhere in Australia, online.

If you are wondering what happens in a session – read on for details.

Or you may know you want to get started – in that case, you can get in touch here.


What can I expect in a session?

If you haven’t seen a dietitian in the past, or this is your first experience with  a different approach, you might be wondering what happens in a session.


Our first session together is about sharing your food and body story. We identify what you would like to achieve in our work. At a 75-minute appointment, I ask questions to guide the session.  We have a conversation focusing on:


  • What your history with food and your body has been like for you
  • Your current health and how food fits
  • A plan for our work, to get you closer to the change you want


At the end of this session, we will have a  discussion about how much support will be beneficial.


For each following session, we spend 50 minutes  together, going over a variety of things:

  • Delving deeper into certain areas of your health, food, eating, or body image story
  • Discussing activities you’ve tried between sessions and the things you’ve noticed
  • Learning about topics related to eating, food, the body, and health
  • Resources including podcasts, books, blogs, or activities that will support your change

Everybody has a different journey and wants different things from the work, so it’s difficult to say how many sessions we will need.



Virtual Sessions

Online nutrition sessions mean you can stay home and get support. No travel, no parking, no shoes required!

Some people feel a little nervous about virtual sessions, that’s understandable, there can be many thoughts…

Will I feel the same connection?……

What if I can’t work with technology?…..

Is the care going to be the same?

  • Secure and easy-to-use telehealth platform, Coviu. No downloads, no logins, click & connect on any device
  • Research shows that care via telehealth is as effective with counseling for behavior change, as in-person care
  • We are in this together, I spend time with you at the start of our first session to ensure you are comfortable with the environment.


Nutrition appointments in Ballarat are face-to-face sessions and available, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

No need for a referral. However, depending on your health you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate, via a GP referral. Medicare rebates for dietetic services are currently available through:


  • Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM), up to 5 visits to selected health professionals per year. This is for individuals who have a chronic disease or complex care needs
  • Eating Disorder Management Plan (EDMP), 20 visits to a dietitian per year for those that meet the criteria. For details on eligibility, please visit Inside Out

The rebates for a dietetic session are currently $54.60, there is a gap fee. Bulk bill is not currently available.  If you have private health insurance, you may be eligible for a rebate.

Please contact your health insurance organisation for confirmation and amounts. 

If you are sure you would like to get started with a session, you can let me know here.


If you aren’t sure and would like to know more about me, read here.

Also, I am more than happy to schedule a time for a phone call.

I can answer questions, and hear about your situation. Tell you more about me and how I work, you can arrange that here.