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About Carly

A little more information about myself

I am a non-diet nutritionist, dietitian, and certified Intuitive Eating counselor. That is fancy language for someone that supports you to work through the muddle you might be in with food and eating.

One of the most amazing parts of what I do for work is listen and help people like you. People that may have had, and maybe in the midst of a long, difficult, and frustrating journey with food and their bodies. It’s pretty common to think we are alone in these messy places we get to. But know this, we’ve all got ‘em…journeys and bodies.

I’ve had my own food and body journey. I’ve dieted, and dieted, and dieted some more, then because I felt I must have been doing it wrong, I dieted again. I know what it’s like to be consumed, feel like a failure, and so badly want things with food to be different.

I am so incredibly grateful I found another way to treat my body. I found another way to eat and think about food. And that is why I feel so strongly about helping others find their way too. You can learn more about Intuitive Eating by clicking here.


Carly Taylor is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Accredited Practicing Dietitian; she holds a Master of Dietetics and a Bachelor of Human Nutrition.

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